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I strongly believe that with effort and consistency anyone can achieve the fitness results they want. To help you along with the diet aspect of your journey, I have created a collection of recipes for you to download for free. Everyone who knows me knows that I love food, but living a healthy lifestyle means that some of the best foods are out of bounds... Or are they? I have played around in the kitchen and created some great recipes (and some abominations, but fortunately for you, I will not share these) that are low in fat, low in sugar but high in nutritional value and, most importantly, they taste great! As a ‘thank you’ for your interest in my book and to help you kick-start your healthier lifestyle, I would like to give you these seven healthy recipes for free. Simply click on the link below, if you’re reading this electronically, or copy it into your web browser and click on ‘Sign Up Now’.


The start of any lifestyle change can be daunting; indeed it can be completely overwhelming if there are too many barriers in place. I’ve thought carefully about this when designing this programme and have made every effort to remove the most common barriers. I have considered cost, time, and convenience, and have tried to make this very affordable. As such, this exercise plan can be done at home in a relatively short space of time, making it easy to fit into your daily routine. There are a few pieces of basic, inexpensive equipment that you will need before you begin:

  • Suitable clothing and footwear:

✓ A good pair of running shoes. Don’t panic! You won’t be running in these right away, good running shoes are great for most forms of exercise.

✓ Outdoor clothing and high visibility jacket or strips for clothing.

  • Resistance bands.
✓ You can buy single resistance bands, but I suggest investing in a set. A resistance band set has several different attachments and bands of varying resistance. With such a set, you will have plenty of scope for progression and effectively own a compact travel gym.

✓ This is the set that I used in conjunction with this routine –

An exercise ball. A stopwatch or timekeeping app (Most phones have one built in)


The main draw to this book may be the six week training routine but there is far more value to it than just following along with the practical part. It’s great that you now have a beginner home workout to follow but in my opinion, if you understand the principals behind why you are doing what you are doing, you will gain far more value from this book than you would if you simply took my word for it and followed the workouts. Most beginners to fitness will have a goal in mind, and to achieve this they tend to start with the most obvious form of exercise.

For example, if the goal is to lose weight, they might go for a run or jump on an exercise bike or even a rowing machine. If they want to gain muscle, they may grab some dumbbells and start doing some bicep curls. The problem with this common approach is that without a structured plan there will be no foundation in place to fall back on when the inevitable waves of doubt, loss of motivation, or plain tiredness, that are a part of every single fitness endeavour, come crashing in. This six-week exercise plan is designed to guard against these common causes of fitness and weight-loss venture abandonment. By understanding the 
essential elements of this routine, you will have a better knowledge of how to design and plan your own workouts so you can keep progressing beyond week six. Right now your main goal may be to lose weight, tone your body, or simply get healthy, but perhaps in the future you may want to challenge yourself further, perhaps even enter a sporting race or event. While my main aim here is to offer the novice a realistic, comfortable and non-daunting entry to fitness and exercise, I hope that it will also give you the confidence and ability to accomplish whatever fitness goal you may set your mind to. No matter what the end goal is, be it to lose weight, run a 5K, a full marathon, or enter a body-building competition, every good fitness plan will have the following essential elements. It is the absence of one or more of these which leads so many people to give up. Every beginner’s exercise regime should be:

  • Realistic and appropriate for your current level of fitness and skill. Convenient. It needs to fit in with your lifestyle.
  • Convenient. It needs to fit in with your lifestyle.
  • Progressive, challenging you more over time.
  • Diverse, including a good mix of cardio and resistance.
Any training plan with these qualities will provide a solid foundation upon which to build. The routine that is outlined in this book ticks all of these boxes. It will help you out all the more if you embrace a positive mind -set and stay consistent with your training.


Before you embark on any fitness routine, please consult your Doctor.

  1. Do not exercise if you are unwell.
  2. Stop if you feel pain, and if the pain does not subside, consult your Doctor.
  3. Do not exercise if you have taken alcohol or had a large meal in the last few hours.
  4. If you are taking medication, please check with your Doctor to make sure it is okay for you to exercise.
  5. If in doubt at all, please check with your Doctor first – you may even want to take this routine and go through it with them. It may be helpful to ask for a blood pressure, cholesterol and weight check. You can then have these taken again in a few months to see the benefit.


This book is focused on beginner exercise, which is a major part of living a healthy lifestyle. However, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand so I have put together some tips and good practices that will be highly effective when incorporated alongside your exercise routine. Food plays a very important part in creating your body composition and fuelling your body. If you are eating too much of the wrong foods, your body composition will change accordingly. If you eat too little food, your body will work with the fuel that you have given it, making cut backs to the detriment of its function. Food and diet can be an extremely detailed subject and there are many theories and practices that seem to contradict each other. Some will claim to give you amazing weight loss or phenomenal muscle growth. The truth is that many of these diet ideas and theories will work if they are practiced consistently. However, in my opinion, it’s best to keep it simple as there is no substitute for a good knowledge of basic nutrition. Making nutritional and dietary changes that compliment your training will help to speed up your training progression so it’s worth taking note of these. With any lifestyle change, I believe that if there are too many changes going at once, it can become overwhelming. 

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